Mittwoch, 21. November 2012



  1. Whenever I post collection looks, usually I only post my favorite looks. So it'll be hard for me to choose my favorite out of 10favorite looks too lol Thanks for your comment by the way, omg these LEGO is totally cute. I just remembered the guy I'm seeing right now loves LEGO, maybe I should show him these pics. I think I'm following your blog, are we following each other?:)

    little K.

  2. okay, that's right :D no problem. Thanks for posting sth interesting :D I love Lego, too..but it was not me who built these cool figures, it was my friend's brother :) I'm glad you like my post! & I'm pleased you're gonna show him these pics !
    I'm already following you :)
    & thank YOU for following :)