Sonntag, 25. November 2012

When dreams come true...

      One day, I was really sad because of my ugly short achromotrichial hair.
     I even cried and dreamed of long blue hair. But I was sure I would never get beautiful blue hair like I dreamed.                                      
    Suddenly, my brother threw a sweater into my room and it landed softly on my head. When I looked in the mirrow, I was really surprised. This sweater looked so wonderful on my head. It felt like real hair.
                                 Then I had a lot of fun with it and I took some photos.
                                             My new hairstyle made me really happy.
       But then I remembered my dreams again.. I wanted LONG blue hair...
                                                            Then I became angry.
                But a few minutes ago, I stopped being furious & had a good idea.
       I shook my head, so the sweater fell down over my shoulder. Now I had long blue hair & I was   really happy.

   Thanks to Maggie for her inspiration. ---> I hope you understand my bad english and you're not angry. xx


  1. Hei du hast dich bei der Rubrik gegenseitiges folgen gemeldet, doch leider hast du kein Follower Gadget. Sag mir Bescheid wenn du es eingebaut hast :)

  2. Danke für dein Kommentar auf meinem Blog

    Vielleicht willst du ja ein Follower von mir werden würde ebenfalls einer von dir dann werden :-)

  3. Das ist ja wohl mal ne megacoole Fotostory!
    So sweet and so funny!

  4. Thank for visiting my blog! and I liked those first two pictures on this post. I thought it was really cool how you did your eyes like that. You could tons of cool pics like that! and for what i could see I like your hair! and one day it will grow and you can dye it blue! that would be cool!